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Declaration of Principles

The Ecocity World Summit series focuses on key actions cities and citizens can take to rebuild our human habitat in balance with living system. In the process we seek to slow down and even reverse climate change, biodiversity collapse, loss of wilderness habitat, agricultural lands and open space, and social and environmental injustices.

The ECWS affirms that city design, planning, building and maintenance must respond creatively, appropriately and effectively to world conditions at both the local and global levels. It holds at its core the protection of large and richly functioning forests, grasslands, wetlands, open waters, and glaciers. We understand principles such as limits on a finite planet, ecological overshoot and the implications of the ecological footprint. All these concepts are basic background material to our programs and help guide our conference design and development process, selection of presenters, panelists, workshops, tours and exhibits.

In Summary: the Ecocity World Summit aims to unite people through a new way of living on the planet that provides the best possible cities while enhancing, not destroying, the biosphere.

In addition to promoting the creation of the ecocity, the ECWS objectives include the following:

1. Demonstrating action towards the goal

The ECWS seeks to instigate meaningful change as opposed to empty agreements and declarations. To this end, we emphasize intelligent balance of large and important tr-ansformational tasks and smaller, tangible steps.

2. Ecocity principles that cut across scales, systems & particulars

We seek solutions over all scales—from the single technology that may contribute to healthier built communities, to redesigns of a whole city system; from the small Ecovillage and Ecotown to the Ecocity.

3. Connecting people with Ecocity knowledge

The ECWS series aspires to provide the best information to its participants relative to their interests. It aims to connect people of a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines and crosscutting projects associated with the conferences’ major themes. The ECWS strives to give equal voice to the individual citizen and small community as to government and intellectual leaders. Our chief objective is to facilitate outcomes,including new and refreshed partnerships and collaborations that help build and run the healthy city of the future.

4. Promoting the host city

The conference series serves to spotlight the best in the ecocity offerings of the host city and to bring them enhanced success in their
relevant work.


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Registration Fee Inclusions

  • Access to breakout, panel and multiple track interactive sessions, roundtable discussions, workshops and presentations, and trade exhibitions
  • Complimentary access to related early bird field trips and selected weekend excursions prior to the Summit
  • Complimentary lunch on each day of the Summit
  • Complimentary invitation to the Welcome Reception at Masdar City
  • Connect with leading international and local experts; from architectural designers to climate change specialists
  • Create partnerships aimed at improving sustainability
  • Share expertise and learn about the latest challenges, opportunities, and industry trends
  • Meet visionary international and regional leaders in government
  • Meet the leaders of the world’s major institutions, including the World Bank, United Nations Environment Programme and UN Habitat